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Lundi 4 avril
15:00 à 15:30
Conférence Réalité Augmentée Québec (RAQ)
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  • Langue anglaise
  • Lieu Salle CIMMI

Human holograms in virtual and augmented reality

HoloCap has been involved in a wide range of virtual and augmented reality projects where human holograms, or volumetric video, has been used to simulate human presence.This presentation shares insight from different use/showcases and as well as the technology behind the company's technology to bring humans presence into 3D environments.

L'atelier de Peder Boerresen sera présenté en anglais

Photo Peder Boerresen
Peder Boerresen | CMO | HoloCap

Peder Børresen. Co-founder of HoloCap, a Norwegian based company that has created a software for volumetric video (VV) content creation and real-time streaming. Peder and HoloCap have been involved in a wide range of XR projects including looking at the use of volumetric video in the maritime industry, satellite connectivity with the European Space Agency, industry simulation and training and hologram guided tours for museums.

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