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Lundi 4 avril
13:15 à 14:15
Conférence Réalité Augmentée Québec (RAQ)
  • Mode rediffusion
  • Langue anglaise
  • Lieu Salle CIMMI

Building the open metaverse

How real time 3d will change all of our lives.

La conférence de Marc Petit est présentée en anglais.

Photo Marc Petit
Marc Petit | VP/GM Unreal Engine | Epic Games

As General Manager of the Unreal Engine, Marc oversees the growth of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine business into all markets including game development but also film, television, AEC and manufacturing. Prior to joining Epic Games in mid-2016, Marc was a partner and Entrepreneur-In-Residence at XPND Capital, a Montreal-based investment fund. Between 2002 and 2013, Marc ran Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment business unit steering development and marketing of the industry’s leading 3D animation and VFX software products 3ds Max, Maya, MotionBuilder and Flame for more than a decade. Marc started his career at TDI in 1988, and joined Softimage in 1991 where he ran 3D Products and oversaw the design and development of Softimage XSI.

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