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Lundi 4 avril
11:30 à 12:30
Conférence Rendez-vous IA Québec (RVIAQ)
  • Mode en-personne
  • Langue anglaise
  • Lieu Salle Coveo

Introduction to machine learning production

You've trained a model, now what? This talk covers different ways to deploy ML models: online prediction, batch prediction, and stream prediction. It also discusses why ML models fail in production and approaches to model monitoring, automated model retraining, and model online evaluation.

La conférence de Chip Huyen est présentée en anglais.

Photo Chip Huyen
Chip Huyen | Co-founder | Claypot AI

Chip Huyen is an engineer and founder working on infrastructure for real-time machine learning. Through her work with Snorkel AI, NVIDIA, Netflix, and her current startup, she has helped some of the world’s largest organizations deploy machine learning systems. She teaches CS329S: Machine Learning Systems Design at Stanford and is the author of the upcoming book Designing Machine Learning Systems (O’Reilly, June ‘22). She’s also published four bestselling Vietnamese books.

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