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Lundi 4 avril
13:30 à 14:30
Conférence Rendez-vous IA Québec (RVIAQ)
  • Mode en-personne
  • Langue anglaise
  • Lieu Salle Coveo

MLOps : state of the art

In this talk, we will cover the evolution of MLOps as a discipline and focus on recent trends. Given the wide variety of tools and frameworks in this space, this talk is most suited for ML practitioners and engineers looking to adopt/build the modern ML stack.

La conférence de Savin Goyal est présentée en anglais

Photo Savin Goyal
Savin Goyal | Co-Founder & CTO | Outerbounds

Savin is the co-founder and CTO of Outerbounds - where his team is building the modern ML stack to accelerate the impact of data science. Previously, he was at Netflix, where he built and open-sourced Metaflow, a full stack framework for data science.

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