Alexis Dorais-Joncas conférencier cybersécurité. SéQCure

Alexis Dorais-Joncas

Security Intelligence Team Lead

Behind the Scenes of Law Enforcement and Private Industry Cooperation

News of successful cybercrime investigations where private security companies worked together with law enforcement mention the end results, such as a takedown of the malicious infrastructure or an actual arrest or conviction of the people responsible – but how exactly did these conclusions come about?

By going over some real cybercrime investigations ESET has been involved in, including the recent Trickbot disruption, and some success stories that led to cybercriminals behind bars, Alexis will shed some light on exactly how these co-operations work, with a focus on the types of unique information ESET was able to willingly provide to LE (and what was out of bounds), what kind of information only law enforcement could legally obtain, and share and how building trust to achieve this mutual information exchange was crucial to the success of these investigations.

La conférence sera présentée en FRANÇAIS.